What do they say?

Decide for yourself! Here are some reviews of our software from respected publications, experienced teachers and students from around the world. If you would like to add your comments, please contact us.

“These programs present a powerful argument for installation in self-access centres.”

EL Gazette

“This material addresses student needs, and is easy to use. The FCE Tutor especially is brilliant.”

Paul Johnston, Regent Brighton

“I particularly like the fact that the programs are genuinely fun and interactive. The teachers here make full use of their authorability.”

Nicki Seth, The Shane School

“Word Invaders is excellent, and streets ahead of anything else around”

John Hird, The Bell School

“At last! A program written by an ELT professional with a sense of the real world!”

Cheryl Palin, The British Council

“The fact that the programs can be authored means we can tailor them to our individual classes.”

Sue Kay, Author of Inside Out

“The FCE Tutor gives me lots of practice and tells me the reasons for my mistakes.”

Cristina Mora, Spain

“I like crosswords and I like to learn English, so this is the perfect program for me!”

Gustav Molson, Germany

“The program is fun but serious, so you can learn English in an interesting way.”

Julia Menancova, Russia