Word Invaders

Imagine playing an exciting computer game, where you have a race against time to save planet Earth, gaining points with your skill, just as you do in the arcade. Now, imagine learning English exactly suited to your level of the language, grammar, phrasal verbs, prefixes and suffixes, word stress and pronunciation, just as in a language school. Join the two together and you have Word Invaders – the most exciting way to learn English!

  • This fun, lively and instructive game replicates a famous arcade game, where hostile space ships must be destroyed before they get to Earth, but in this case the hostile ships are words, in groups of four. Three are similar; one is the odd one out. Users must aim their rockets at the incorrect or different word and destroy it, thereby gaining points.
  • The program has six levels, ranging from false beginner to advanced, and five groups of words : Vocabulary 1, Grammar and Spelling, Collocation and Affixation, Pronunciation and Vocabulary 2, with a total of 2400 lexical items. Users are given feedback on their mistakes after the game is over, so they can learn from them.
  • The aim of the program is to get to the top of the highest scores table. This provides the motivational element which will ensure young learners as well as adults come back to the program time and time again in order to try to beat either someone else’s or their own scores, increasing their knowledge of English as they do.
  • The program is fully authorable, with complete flexibility to add to the existing word store or produce personalised and class-specific word groups, so that teachers can create large word files for any of their general English or ESP syllabuses. The size of the files is only limited by the size of the computer hard disk upon which the files are stored.