English Newspaper Creator

This is an exciting simulation, which puts groups of students in the shoes of the editing team of a daily newspaper, which must get an edition of the newspaper out onto the street within a strict deadline or risk losing their jobs. It is suitable for intermediate and more advanced students of English.

  • Everything that happens in a real newspaper office is simulated here. The editing team are presented with a list of up to eighty stories, from which they must choose as many as they wish to cover, must edit them and fit them onto the newspaper page in the appropriate section of the newspaper, and choose whether or not they want to have a photograph to accompany the story.
  • Just as in a real newspaper office, news doesn’t stop happening, and the team must deal with ‘news flashes’ as they come in, deciding whether to ignore them or incorporate them into the paper, which might involve re-designing the entire newspaper. Meanwhile, time is running out for the paper to be out on the street.
  • As well as the simulation, there is a library mode, in which students can study the texts with the aid of reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary tests, and a feature which enables classes or schools to produce their own newspapers. The program is designed to be used in groups, where students will practise their functional English, with a real ‘aim’ in mind.
  • Students need to get the Newspaper created within a specific time limit too. There are short simulations of half and hour up to longer three hour simulations. The difference is in the number of pages and the amount of material (stories) to work with.