Warning! English Mistakes

We are all afraid of making mistakes, but here it’s more serious! Identify the mistakes and destroy them or they will destroy you!!!

  • Warning! English Mistakes is the sister program to English Attack, having the same arcade-like features and interactive elements to it. Here, instead of choosing the odd-one-out from a list of four words and phrases, the user has a constantly moving passage, within which are errors that must be identified and destroyed.
  • When errors are correctly identified the user gains points; an incorrect shot loses the user points, ammunition and precious time. If the passage gets to Earth before the errors are destroyed, the player, and the Earth, loses! There are twenty graded passages in the program, each of between 100 and 200 words, and containing twenty spelling errors and the same passages with extra word errors.
  • Whether the user wins or loses, after each passage is completed, a list of errors, along with individual notes on each error, is presented to them, which can be printed off for reference.