1,000,000 Crosswords

Everyone likes a challenge, and everyone likes a crossword, so why not challenge yourself in English, by calling upon this program to create one of many thousands of crosswords, individually selected by you, to test your level of English and the English area that you want to test yourself on? 1,000,000 Crosswords in English is English Solutions’ version of Crossword Challenge for students.

  • An easy to use, crossword generator which has features not found on other similar programs. Compiled by practising teachers, it features a 3300 word/phrase database (expandable), divided into sections on nouns, verbs, adjectives, phrasal verbs/dependent prepositions and idioms/collocations.
  • There are six levels, ranging from false beginners to advanced (Cambridge Proficiency) level. Clues are similar to those you would expect to find in a learner dictionary, usually with an example of the word in context in addition to a definition.
  • The program also features three wordsearch options, using words, clues or anagrams. The database for these puzzles is the same and all the aspects of versatility and authorability apply equally to the wordsearches as they do to the crosswords. No wonder Crossword Challenge is our most popular program!